Planning Law

Dr Spiteri Bailey presided over the Planning Appeals Board for six years and this has given this firm a sound and concrete legal understanding of Planning Legislation and MEPA procedures.
SB Advocates has assisted numerous property developers before MEPA Boards. It is honoured to have also assisted the Office of the President of Malta in procedures taken by the same Office before MEPA.

Amongst other procedures, SB Advocates is occasionally entrusted to advocate and lobby against particular projects awaiting permission before MEPA. But most commonly, SB Advocates has assisted applicants in their bid to convince MEPA issue development permits.
More often than not, SB Adovcates are engaged in filing appeals from decisions given by the Planning Appeals Tribunal, which appeals are only permissable before the Court of Appeal on points of law. It becomes of fundamental importance that such points of law are brought to discussion even before the Planning Appeals Tribunal, and to this effect, SB Advocates has today established a very healthy working relationship with numerous architects in sole-practice but also architects’ firms, who seek and encourge their clients to seek legal advice from SB Advocates.
SB Advocates works closely with numerous architects and also gives advice to architects on issues arising during the screening stage. We assist archiects generally during the appeal stage before MEPA.

Dr Cuschieri provides an impeccible back up in dealing with architects, drafting appeals and writing submissions, given her interest and knowledge of planning law.

Dr Spiteri Bailey has also supervised on LL.D. students who opted for planning legislation as their thesis subject.

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