General Civil Law

Civil Law, along with Employment law, constitutes the majority of the firm’s litigation work load at SB Advocates. All lawyers at SB Advocates have dealt with a wide variety of civil law issues and suits. But at SB Advocates, civil law is not only practised through litigation. A lot of extra-judicial work, ranging from advice to drafting of private contracts, promise of sale agreements as well as civil debt agreements is done.

With Dr Ingrid Bianco and Dr Victoria Cuschieri at the core of the firms’s activity as far as Civil Law practice is concerned, SB Advocates offers legal advice, consultancy and assistance in various fields of civil law. Amongst these :

Contract Law – we offer all the possible range of legal services in so far as contractual law is concerned. SB Advocates offers advice and consultancy on pre-contractual matters as well as contractual issues. We assist on promise of sale agreements as well as public contracts. We draft and help you conclude agreements such as lease agreements, debt-collecting agreements and othef agreements which any person would want to enter into.

Debt-Collecting – SB Advocates offer a complete service in so far as debt-collecting is concerned. From intimation through legal and judicial letters to debt-collecting cases to the issueing of warrants for the execution of obtained judgments.

Inheritance Law – whether advice prior to consulting a Notary Public to have one’s will made and published or issues relative to interpretation of wills, SB Advocates is there to offer assistance. We also assist in the obtaining of wills searches, opening of wills and the division of inherited property. Over the past 20 years, we have also assisted in numerous inheritance litigation cases before the Courts of Justice and the aInheritance Tribunal.

Law of Tort – SB Advocates has dealt with numerous damages litigation before the Civil Court. We have also had occasion to assist victims in negotiations with insurance companies in out of court settlements.

Family Law – Seperation cases, divorce cases and other family related issues feature high on the list of cases handled. Not less, consensual seperations – it is SB Advocates’ policy to help clients avoid litigation and conclude seperation agreements. Life is too short to spend years in family litigation. We also assist in civil annulment cases as well as filiation cases.

Condominium Agreements – with the proliferation of so many blocks of apartments, as well as with the introduction of the condominium legislation some years back, the drafting of condominium agreements, resolving condominium issues and the assistance in condominium arbitration cases have rapidly increased – SB Advocates, particularly with Dr Bianco’s particular interest in such matters, has been very active.

Partition of common property – whether co-owned through inheritance or co-owned through acquisition, there often comes a time when co-owners decide to part ways and divide their common property. SB Advocates endeveours, in such circumstances, to first mediate with a view to arriving to an amicable partition between the co-owners, and this with the help and advice of other professionals such as architects and accountants, and failing such amicable agreements, we assist in partition of property litigation before our Courts and/or Tribunals.

Other issues SB Advocates offer services in are interdiction and incapacitation procedures, tutorship and curators, powers of attorney, sale of moveable agreements and redemption of ground-rents.