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SB Advocates Policy – We firmly believe in a healthy and sound working relationship. We believe in a working environment which provides the best for the employer and employee alike. A happy employee makes a happier employer, and a happier employer makes a happy employee.

SB Advocates has a vast experience in this field of law, and whether an  employer, employee or a representative of either, then we can assist you with any query, concern or dispute which you may have concerning employment law or industrial relations.

Dr Ian Spiteri Bailey has not only furthered his studies abroad in EU employment legislation, but has been actively assisting in numerous cases, locally and abroad, employees and employers alike, not least trade unions.

Dr Spiteri Bailey has a 20 year experience in employment and industrial relations law, and this includes, amongst others,

  •  assistance in legal compliance, particularly in the updating of employment contracts and practice to comply with EU standards,
  • assistance in the conclusion of negotiations of collective agreements,
  • assistance in numerous industrial tribunal cases, ranging from discrimination cases to unjust dismissal cases, from recognition of trade unions to settlement of trade disputes,
  • assistance in the process of mergers of companies from the employment perspective, namely transfer of undertaking issues,
  • assistance in health and safety issues at the place of work,
  • assistance during mediation processes with the Director of Labour,
  • assistance during disciplinary proceedings,
  • assistance in cases of constructive dismissal,
  • assistance in the issuance of warnings, re-structuring of companies and staff, and in other human resources issues
  • aiding in finding the right and most advantageous Training Schemes,
  • assistance and issuing of legal advice on terminations of employment for a just cause and redundancies,
  • assistance in the drafting of settlement agreements with employees upon termination of employment drafting and auditing of employment handbooks and policies and monitoring the enforcing of such policies.

SB Advocates is proud to provide legal services and consultancy to the second largest general trade union in Malta, as well as numerous other smaller sectoral trade unions, in the aviation, health as well as the entertainment sector, amongst others.

SB Advocates furthermore offers its legal services to a large number of SMEs in Malta, not only in drafting employment contracts to newly engaged employees, but also in dealing with investigations of alleged discriminatory behaviour, such as sexual harassment  Other services offered to such SMEs include employment litigation, trade disputes etc.

Whilst inviting you to visit the following links, Dr Spiteri Bailey’s C.V. in employment matters includes being legal advisor to UHM, MATCA, Association of Airline Engineers, Association of Cabin Crew employees, ETC and IPSL.

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