UHM resort to Court Action over Gozo Channel Dispute

The UHM Voice of the Workers on Tuesday filed for a warrant of prohibitory injunction in court so that the salaries of workers employed by the contractor Executive Security Services Limited on Gozo Channel vessels are safeguarded.
The union said it had to take this decision because the company Gozo Channel had removed from rosters those UHM workers who were following legitimate directives ordered by the union. The objective of a warrant of prohibitory injunction is to restrain a person from doing anything whatsoever which might be prejudicial to the person suing out the warrant.
The UHM said that this case had been ongoing for several months now, so much so that an investigation by the Director for Industrial and Employment Relations (DIER) had to be opened.
The union said that it could not understand why workers had to pass through so much just to be held in the same regard as their colleagues who do the same work. Workers following the unions directives are suffering from intimidation and have even been accused of carrying out “vindictive” measures against Gozitan workers.
It said however that this was not the case, as the workers following the directives are all Gozitans themselves.
It said that the union is going to keep fighting so that justice for these workers who are being discriminated in such a manner is done.

UHM Legal Advisor Dr Ian Spiteri Bailey signed the application.

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