AIRMALTA fails to stop AAOC from Industrial Action

AirMalta asked the Court to prohibit the Association of Airline Operations Controllers (AAOC) from issuing industrial action directives to its members over a claim to a wage rise.

The issue arose when ALL AirMalta employees were given an approx 5% wage increase in line with agreements reached with the Unions late last year. The members of AAOC were not represented by any Union during the negotiations and in March this year requested the same wage increase, claiming that ALL employees, but them (13 in all) were given the increase.

AirMalta refused to give the same increase to these workers and the AAOC registered an industrial dispute threatening industrial action.

AirMalta filed a warrant of prohibitory injunction which was provisionally upheld, but today, 19th July 2018, the First Hall of the Civil Court decided that AirMalta could not stop AAOC from taking industrial action and that on reviewing the facts and hearing submissions, it resulted that AirMalta’s claim to stop AAOC was unfounded at law.

AAOC was represented by its legal counsel Ian Spiteri Bailey.

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