Court upholds UHM plea and quashes GWU claim

The First Hall of the Civil Court presided by Judge Dr Lawrence Mintoff, in the case GWU vs UHM, MPT Ltd and the Trade Union Registrar, quashed the GWU’c claims whilst upholding a plea raised by UHM Voice of the Workers.

The case filed by the GWU attempted to quash an Industrial Tribunal decision given some 3 years ago and which had given the UHM recognition for bus drivers at MPT.

Subsequently the UHM obtained recognition of the whole of the MPT workforce. At that stage the UHM filed a plea stating that the GWU no longer has interest in this case.

The GWU objected and stated that it still had an interest to quash the Tribunal decision.

The Court upheld the pleas put forward by the UHM and concluded that the GWU’s action was no longer legitimate – hence it quashed the the GWU’s case.

UHM Voice of the Workers was assisted by Dr Ian Spiteri Bailey.

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