Industrial, legal action withdrawn as UHM is promised sole recognition at MPT

Industrial and legal action by the Union Haddiema Maghqudin and Malta Public Transport have been withdrawn after an agreement following an agreement between the two sides today.

The company and the union held an urgent meeting this morning in a bid to find a solution to the union recognition situation as soon as possible, the union said in a statement.

It was agreed the UHM would be given sole recognition on Wednesday at 11am and the necessary preparations have already been made.

A meeting would immediately follow for the two sides to agree on a plan of action on how to proceed for a collective agreement for the benefit of workers and their families to be reached.

The company explained it was finalising the verification process in a rigorous manner to ensure that the result was final for the sake of stability in the interest of workers and the public.

The union on Friday ordered drivers not to collect fares or handle ticketing machines. But a court in the evening upheld a request by the company to stop the action.

Yesterday, the union instructed bus drivers not to drive the 12-metre long buses and not to wear uniforms.

The union ordered the action claiming the company was delaying the union recognition verification process.

The company, however, denied the accusation saying this was not the case.

The UHM was represented by lawyers Ian Spiteri Bailey and Andrew Grima.

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