€13,200 in damages following a Paceville Incident

In its decision delivered on the 12th November 2015 in the case Annalise Brignone vs Nazzareno Dimech, the First Hall of the Civil Court awarded plaintiff Brignone the sum of €13,280.83c as compensation for personal injury. The said plaintiff suffered a serious injury in her right foot further to an incident which had occurred in November 2006 in Paceville.

After having examined the evidence brought before it by the parties, the Court concluded that defendant Dimech had driven his motor vehicle in a negligent manner and had failed to properly observe the applicable traffic rules. The defendant was therefore deemed solely responsible for the incident in question and the consequent damages suffered by plaintiff.

The Court quantified the said damages on the basis of the report drawn up by Medical Expert Mr. Charles Grixti who established that plaintiff suffers from a permanent disability of 2% further to the incident of November 2006.

Plaintiff Annalise Brignone was represented by lawyers Ian Spiteri Bailey and Victoria Cuschieri of SB Advocates.

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