UHM fires back on representation of child carers

The Union Haddiema Maghqudin insisted in court today that it was the union that represented child carers and no attempt by the Malta Union of Teachers would change that.

The union was replying to an application filed last week by the teachers’ union  for an injunction against the Foundation for Educational Services (FES) over a new collective agreement for child carers.

The MUT had filed their case against the foundation, the Education Ministry and the UHM claiming that discussions on a new collective agreement carried on despite its request for recognition.

In its reply, the UHM said the issue was strictly one which had to addressed by an Industrial Tribunal  and not the First Hall of the Civil Court. Moreover, it said it had the sole recognition of all FES employees.

Lawyer Ian Spiteri Bailey, who represented the UHM, said the requirements for an injunction had not been satisfied and the MUT’s request should, therefore, be rejected.

Lawyers Michael and Rebekah Tanti-Dougall represented the MUT.


Original article can be accessed here. 

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