Former President’s PRO files protest after contract termination.

Marica Mizzi, former communications officer to President George Abela, has filed a judicial protest against Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Mario Cutajar, head of the civil service.

She said that she used to work for the Office of the President in terms of a five-year contract which commenced in April 2009.

Some months ago she was informed by the current Secretary to the President, Carmel Briffa, that her contract would end on April4, 2014.

The contract provided that upon termination of a contract, persons who had not joined the secretariat from the civil service were entitled to six months pay and other benefits until they returned to work in the private sector.

Ms Mizzi said she was originally told by the Office of the Prime Minister that her compensation was being worked out. Then she was told she would not be given any compensation.

Ms Mizzi said she hoped there were no ulterior motives for the decision and said all other people in a similar position had been paid. She also asked for payment for leave that was not taken.

Dr Ian Spiteri Bailey signed the protest.

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