Criminal Libel Proceedings by ex-Finance Minister Tonio Fenech – sitting 16/05/2013

Evidence was given this morning (16.05.2013) in the criminal libel proceedings instituted by ex-Finance Minister Tonio Fenech against current Cabinet Ministers Dr Chris Cardona and Mr Evarist Bartolo. Mr Tonio Fenech is being assisted by Dr Ian SPITERI BAILEY and Dr VICTORIA CUSCHIERI.
The evidence given by former Police Commissioner John Rizzo and Ray and Agnes Farrugia showed that the clock given to Mr Fenech was not a gift from George Farrugia but from Ray and Agnes Farrugia.
The clock was mostly made by Agnes Farrugia and it did not cost her more than Lm200 (€460 approx) and not €5000 as had been alleged by defendants.
There had been no ulterior motive in the gift. Mr Rizzo testified that the police investigations showed no connection with corruption or the oil procurement scandal. George Farrugia told the court that his presence when the clock was handed to the former minister was incidental and he had never met Mr Fenech before .
Ray Farrugia had pointed out that the clock was handed to Mr Fenech years before Mr Fenech became minister responsible for energy and it was not true that the gift was meant to influence oil procurement decisions.
That the clock was paid for by Powerplan was something decided by the Farrugias, without Mr Fenech knowing anything about it. As far as he was concerned, this was a personal gift by Agnes Farrugia.
This brief report is being made for general interest purposes.

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