The Industrial Tribunal has delivered judgement in the case above mentioned, re-instating Mr CHIRCOP back to his workplace.

Mr CHIRCOP had been dismissed 8 months ago on the premise that he had prolonged his sick-leave to the extent that he had abandoned his place of work.
Assisted by Dr Ian SPITERI BAILEY, Mr CHIRCOP sought redress before the Industrial Tribunal for unjust dismissal.

Whereas the company argued that Mr CHIRCOP had exhausted all his sick-leave and there was no indication as to when he would be fit to return to work, consequently the fair and just cause for termination, the employee argued that he had provided medical certificates showing his improvement in his medical condition. Furthermore, the employee argued that he was never consulted or informed about the company’s consideration to terminate the employment, even though he strict abided by the conditions of the collective agreement.

The Tribunal upheld Mr Chircop’s arguments and concluded that the company should have never dismissed him, thereby ordering the company to re-instate Mr CHIRCOP back at his work place.

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